Undergraduate Admissions


The Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering (MIE) at the University of Toronto attracts many outstanding students from across Canada, and around the world. Our students are motivated, succeeding both in their academics and extra curricular activities. Does this sound like you? Then you are the type of student that we actively seek out.

Please review the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering Admission Requirements.

Discover Mechanical Engineering

Discover Industrial Engineering

In addition to your academic record, all applicants complete a Student Profile Form (SPF). The SPF is your opportunity to tell us more about yourself and your accomplishments to date. Are you an active volunteer? Are you an athlete? Do you play an instrument? Did you start your own business? Do you participate in science fairs and math contests? Are you an active member of student government? Have you participated in enrichment opportunities like Shad Valley or Ontario Science Centre Science School? Let us know! Information on the SPF form is used not only to assess applicants for admission, but also for scholarship decisions. You will receive more information about the SPF after submitting your application.

Here is a summary of the main qualities we look for in MIE applicants:

  • ability to work well with others
  • active and involved
  • motivated
  • creative (e.g., musicians, inventors, entrepreneurs)
  • a solid academic record

Learn more about Engineering studies at U of T by visiting the Discover Engineering website.

Questions about our MIE programs? Please refer to the programs section of our website, or email ask@ecf.utoronto.ca.

Why come to UofT?

UofT Engineering is ranked in the top 8 engineering schools in the world.

Our research facilities, which are available to undergrad students, are among the best in Canada.

Our diverse student population provides an endless source of new perspectives and engaging social activities.

Strengths of mechanical engineers

Intrinsic curiosity

Particular strength in physics

Ability to design and innovate easily

Ability to grasp and apply technical concepts

Strengths of industrial engineers


Particular strength in math

Ability to redesign and offer multiple solutions

Ability to articulate and effectively communicate technical concepts