Licensed Software

The MIE department provides the following software for graduate students and labs. The software can be installed on computers in MIE labs. Home use is allowed through the MIE-VPN service.

For other software sources see also the UofT Licensed Software Office or the Engineering Computing Facility (ECF). UofT also has site licenses for Microsoft Office and Microsoft Windows for UofT-owned computers at the Microsoft Campus Agreement website (not accessible from outside UofT)

The following software titles are currently available at MIE:

Software Version
ANSYS Academic Research 18.1
MATLAB * 2017b
Solidworks ** (for academic use only) 2017
Altair HyperWorks 2017.2


* MATLAB does not include Toolboxes unless Professors subscribe to them for their labs. Professors can contact to arrange for the purchase of Toolbox licenses.

** Solidworks Education Edition is restricted to academic and non-funded projects. For other purposes, research licenses must be purchased separately from the vendor or distributors.

The number of licenses offered by the department, free of charge to the labs, are limited. At times, users may have to wait for licenses to become available. Alternatively, labs may purchase separate licenses to be used exclusively by their users.

Registering computers for license

Every computer needs be registered for license to be able to use the software.

To request access to the software, please email the following information to for every computer that requires the software:

  • Research Lab:
  • Supervisor:
  • Computer Name:
  • Software Required:

There is no need to re-register the computer(s) for a software upgrade or reinstallation. If the computer name has changed, it needs to be re-registered for license(s).

The Computer Name can be obtained with the command “hostname” in a Command Prompt window, or in Control Panel, System Properties, or right-click “Computer”, “Properties”.

The computer name should identify the user or research group; random or generic names will not be accepted. If necessary, change the computer name as appropriate for your group. Click “Change Settings” – “Change” computer name.

Please allow one or two working days for the computers to be registered for license. In the meantime you may proceed with the software installation.

Software installation

The computer needs to be connected to the MIE wired research network to access the installation servers. For access from wireless or external networks, install and connect to MIE-VPN using your MIE account for authentication.

First connect to the installation server folders as described below according to your operating system.

There are further installation instructions and license information in the software folders. Read and follow those instructions carefully!


Start – Search Programs and Files…
(not on a web browser!)

enter the following server address:




– Finder’s “Go” menu; “Connect to server”
– Server address:


– If prompted for username and password, select “Connect as Registered User“, type user “guest” and no password.


– Connect to the installation server with the following command, as “root” user:

mount -t cifs // /mnt

(press Enter if prompted for password)

cd /mnt

Running the software and remote access

  • The licensed software will only run on registered computers when they are connected to the MIE wired network or remotely through the MIE-VPN system.
  • The software will run on your computer but network connection to the departmental license servers is needed to validate and check out the licenses for as long as the software is running.
  • For wireless or remote usage, install and connect to MIE-VPN using your MIE account for authentication. The VPN connection must remain active for as long as the software is running.
  • Every computer needs to be registered for license.