Like ‘a performance-enhancing drug’ for cities: U of T’s urban genome project

February 23, 2017 – What makes a city tick? Why does it grow the way it does? How is it like other cities and yet unique? In essence, what is its DNA? With its forward-pushing Urban Genome Project, the University of Toronto is trying to unravel the urban tangle, with its arterial transportation systems, its … Read More

MasterCard Foundation Scholars: U of T celebrates students from Sub-Saharan Africa

February 23, 2017 – Vanessa Grace Bart-Plange came to Toronto from Ghana four years ago as part of the first wave of MasterCard Foundation Scholars. In a speech at U of T’s fourth annual MasterCard Foundation Scholars dinner last week, she reflected on her time here – from her first days as a naïve new student on … Read More

Engineering the educational experience

February 23, 2017 – An innovative collaboration between graduate and undergraduate students aims to leverage the engineering creative process to address educational challenges, from improving math instruction in high schools to easing anxiety among students transitioning to university. “Engineers are fundamentally problem-solvers,” says Professor Chirag Variawa, (IndE 1T4) an expert on engineering education and the … Read More

Concrete check-up: Fae Azhari develops diagnostics for critical infrastructure

February 17, 2017 – Canada will spend $125 billion on infrastructure maintenance and expansion in the next 10 years. Professor Fae Azhari (MIE, CivE) is helping stretch those dollars farther by keeping our buildings, bridges, roads and reservoirs safe and structurally sound for longer. Azhari’s research focuses on structural health monitoring. Just as you visit the doctor … Read More

Interdisciplinary U of T Engineering projects receive funding from relaunched Connaught Global Challenge Award

February 14, 2017 – MIE Professor Mark Fox’s team is among three from U of T Engineering sharing $750,000 in funding from the recently relaunched Connaught Global Challenge Award. The internal award, funded by the Connaught Fund, is designed to support new collaborations involving leading U of T researchers and students from multiple disciplines, along with innovators … Read More

Saving the stacks: First-year Engineering students inspire retrofit for Fisher Rare Book Library

February 13, 2017 – As a first-year student in U of T Engineering, Jennifer (Yewon) Son never imagined that she and her classmates would come to the rescue of hundreds of thousands of priceless works of literature. “We came up with some crazy plans, and then tried to make them implementable,” remembers Son. “To think … Read More

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