As MIE undergraduate students you may be able to access the Undergraduate Design Facilities (UDF). The means by which you access these facilities depends on the room.

Undergraduate Design Studio Access

There are no special requirements for student access to this room (MB123). All MIE undergraduate students in 2nd, 3rd, or 4th year should have 24 hour T-card access to this room.

If you are an MIE Undergraduate student and yet you are unable to gain access to the room through your T-card then contact the UDF Supervisor.

Undergraduate Design Workshop Access

To gain access to this room (MB71) the student must meet three requirements:

  1. Instructor Permission
  2. Online Health and Safety Training Course
  3. Hands-on Site Training

Students found in the UDW who have not meet these requirements will be banned from using the UDW for a period of up to three weeks, even if they complete the safety qualification at a later date. Repeated violations of these rules will be dealt with severely.

Instructor Permission

You are required have permission of a project supervisor (normally a course instructor or a faculty advisor) to access the UDW. Different supervisors may have different requirements to give this permission. Please discuss this with them directly.

Your project supervisor must notify the UDF Supervisor of this permission and the project on which you are permitted to be working.

Project supervisor permission is on a project-by-project basis or at most a course-by-course basis. This means that if you would like to use the workshop for more than one project at the same time you need to have the permission of both project supervisors.

For example: If you have obtained access to the Workshop with permission from your thesis faculty supervisor, that does not mean you are allowed to work on your MIE540 project as well. To work on your MIE540 project the UDF Supervisor must also have record of permission from your MIE540 instructor.

Online Health and Safety Training Course

This course is conducted entirely online. After reviewing some material the student must pass a quiz. The course instructs on:

  • Compressed Gases, Liquids, and Cryogenics
  • Laboratory First Aid
  • Electrical
  • Flammable Substances
  • Fume Hoods
  • Personal Protection

Duration: ~25 minutes

Where can I take this? If you are an MIE student an e-mail will be sent to your U of T e-mail address which contains your own private link to access the training. If you do not plan to complete the training immediately, save the link. If MIE has record of you completing this on-line Health and Safety Training in the past you do not need to repeat it. Upon successful completion of the training, a certificate is produced. You should save this certificate as record of your completion.

If you are a non-MIE student then contact the UDF Supervisor to be registered for the course and to obtain a link to the training course.

Hands-on Site Training

This training is conducted in the UDW. During this training course you will be instructed in the general safety rules of the workshop and in the safe use of the drill press, belt and disc sander, scroll saw, hole saw, hand-held power drill and rotary tool. To complete the course the student must complete a safety training project using these tools.

Duration: ~50 minutes

When can I do this? Once your instructor/advisor arranges permission for your class/team with the UDF Supervisor

Note: Hands-on Site Training is required every year.