Current Thesis Projects (MIE498 H/Y)

The MIE498 H/Y course provides students with an opportunity to conduct independent research under the supervision of a faculty member in MIE.


Thesis Handbook (with suggested outlines and dates)

Thesis Enrollment form
To complete and submit to MC109 or

Enrolment Procedure:

  1. Find a supervisor and a thesis topic: You can review the available thesis topics below or you can independently contact MIE faculty members who you are interested in working with. The website will be updated weekly with project submissions as they become available.
  2. Once you have found a faculty member who will supervise you, submit the thesis enrollment form to the MIE Undergraduate Office. Ensure that your supervisor signs the form.
  3. Attach a 1-page outline of the project you plan to undertake.
    a. Explain how the research project builds upon one or more aspects of engineering science introduced in the student’s academic program
    b. Provide an estimate of a level of effort not less than 40 productive hours of work per term
    c. Specify a deliverable in each term to be submitted by the last day of lectures
  4. Final submission date for the Thesis topic forms: 5 business days prior the last day to add courses

  5. If approved, your research thesis will be added to your transcript on ROSI by the MIE UG Office. If it is not approved, we will notify you by email.

Available Projects:

Category Project Contact
IndE Gesture-based control for automotive applications Prof. B. Donmez
MechE Aerial Refueling of Swarm of Solar Powered Micro UAVs Prof. S. A. Meguid
MechE Design, Analysis and Development of Micro Gas Turbine for propulsion of Micro UAVs Prof. S. A. Meguid
MechE Birdstrike and Novel Design of Fan Blades Prof. S. A. Meguid
MechE Thermo-mechanical Behaviour of Blisk for Gas Turbine Engines Prof. S. A. Meguid
MechE Morphing Wing Design for UAV Prof. S. A. Meguid
MechE Whiplash Trauma Prof. S. A. Meguid
MechE Development of synthetic phantoms materials for biomedical imaging applications Prof. H. Naguib
MechE Fabrication and characterization of self-healing polymer material Prof. H. Naguib
MechE Investigation of the Processing Parameters of Biocomposites Materials Prof. H. Naguib
MechE Investigation of the Processing Parameters of Functionally Graded Closed-Cell Bio-Compatible Cellular Materials Prof. H. Naguib
MechE Bio-oil use in burners and engines Prof. M. Thomson
MechE Automated Reactions Prof. A. Guenther
MechE Design of Integrated Nanomaterials Factory Prof. A. Guenther
MechE Design of Skin Printer Prof. A. Guenther
MechE Large Scale Patient Testing Prof. P. Sullivan
MechE Small Animal Imaging using Truncated-Correlation Photothermal Coherence Tomography Prof. A. Mandelis
MechE Thermophotonic dynamic imaging of human teeth for noninvasive detection of caries Prof. A. Mandelis
MechE Dynamic Imaging of Solar Cell Optoelectronic Quality using a Near-Infrared Camera Prof. A. Mandelis
MechE Evaluation of the mechanical performance of NiCo nanocoated aerospace aluminum alloys using quantitative photo-thermo-mechanical radiometry as a non-contact strain gauge Prof. A. Mandelis