Adjunct Faculty

Research: Multifunction Nanostructures, Targeted & Guided Bioimaging, Targeted Drug Delivery, Theranostics, Cancer Thermodynamics, Chaos of Biological Systems, Photoacoustic, Fluorescence, and Plasma Spectroscopy, Ferroscaffolds, Nanobiosensors Nano-based Laser Tissue Soldering, Fast dynamics studies, Micro/Nano Scale Heat Transfer, Nanoferrofluidics, and Laser-driven Mass Transfer.
Murray R. Metcalfe
Professor of Globalization in the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering
Kirk Michaelian
Joaquin E. Moran
PhD, P.Eng.
Research: Wind Power, Renewable Power and Hybrid Energy Systems, Energy Management, Flow-Induced Vibrations, Computational Fluid Dynamics
Christian Moreau