Adjunct Faculty

Stephen Armstrong
PEng, MA, FCGI, DSc, CEng, FIMechE, FCMC
Professor of Innovation
Research: Management of Innovation, Applying Innovation, Business Transformation and Change Management, Advanced Manufacturing Systems, Engineering and Product Development Management, Strategic Operations and Production Management, Process and Project Management, Strategic and Systems Thinking, Management Consulting, Engineering Education, and History and Philosophy of Engineering.
Daniel De Kee
Research: Transport phenomena, rheology, advanced mathematics, polymer science and engineering.
Tel: 416-946-8476
Director, Academic Program Development, SCFI MEng Program for Automotive Engineers
Research: Mathematical modelling of metal forming, metallurgical transformations during thermo-mechanical treatment of alloys, material and process optimization for automotive industry applications of forming and joining technologies, multi-disciplinary design optimisation. Innovation management models in manufacturing entreprises.
Research: Engineering psychology and human factors; human-computer interaction; cognitive ergonomics; perception and psychophysics; cognitive psychology
Research: Multifunction Nanostructures, Targeted & Guided Bioimaging, Targeted Drug Delivery, Theranostics, Cancer Thermodynamics, Chaos of Biological Systems, Photoacoustic, Fluorescence, and Plasma Spectroscopy, Ferroscaffolds, Nanobiosensors Nano-based Laser Tissue Soldering, Fast dynamics studies, Micro/Nano Scale Heat Transfer, Nanoferrofluidics, and Laser-driven Mass Transfer.
Research: Synthesis of low-dimensional nanomaterials, nano-engineered composite materials, modeling of nanomaterial nucleation and growth in reactive thermofluids, thermal plasma technologies for energy and the environment.
Peter Lea
Murray R. Metcalfe
Professor of Globalization in the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering
Kirk Michaelian
Joaquin E. Moran
PhD, P.Eng.
Research: Wind Power, Renewable Power and Hybrid Energy Systems, Energy Management, Flow-Induced Vibrations, Computational Fluid Dynamics
Christian Moreau
Research: Piezoelectric materials and applications, smart materials, sensors and actuators, underwater acoustics, energy harvesting, MEMS, Collaborative and multidisciplinary work, product and systems development.
Tel: 705-444-1440
Oleksandr Romanko
Alison Smiley
Danny Tandra
Jimi Tjong
W. David Warnica
PhD, P.Eng.
Research: Moving-bed heat exchangers and steam-generator thermal hydraulics.
Haipeng Xie