William L. Cleghorn, PhD, P.Eng.

Professor Emeritus, Mechanical Engineering

Research: Analysis and design of high-speed flexible mechanisms; finite element analysis applied to vibrations; computeraided analysis and design of mechanisms; computer-aided kinematic and dynamic optimization of robotic systems.


The Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering’s Professor William L. Cleghorn received his PhD from the
University of Toronto in the field of kinetoelastodynamics. Since 1982, he has been teaching courses in mechanics and design at the University of Manitoba and the University of Toronto. From 2001-11, Professor Cleghorn served as the Clarice Chalmers Chair of Engineering Design. He has written numerous publications related to instructional aids and methods of teaching.

Dr. William L. Cleghorn has authored several papers on Engineering Education and the textbook, Mechanics of
Machines (Oxford University Press, 2005). He is a past recipient of the Faculty Teaching Award.