TA Online Application


Information on TA positions and application procedures is available at: https://ta.mie.utoronto.ca/

All full-time graduate students (including M.Eng. students) are eligible to apply for Teaching Assistant (TA) positions, to assist undergraduate and graduate course instructors with duties that include supervision of labs, leading tutorials, and marking of assignments and term tests. The MIE Undergraduate Studies Office administers the application and selection process for undergraduate courses, in the summer for the upcoming academic year; the MIE Graduate Studies Office does the same for graduate courses, at the beginning of each academic term. The terms of employment are set out in a Collective Agreement between the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Local 3902 and the Governing Council of the University of Toronto.

The Department of MIE does not consider TA earnings to be part of a student’s guaranteed funding package. As a result, students are not guaranteed TA positions, but rather are hired via a selection process that considers the qualifications of applicants, and the recommendations of course instructors. TA applicants are thus encouraged to contact instructors for whom they would like to work, to make instructors aware of their credentials.

TA assignments are handled by the MIE Undergraduate Studies Office. While we do not guarantee TA positions, historically over 70% of those who applied for TA position have received TA positions and the average number of annual TAship has been worth around $4,000.