Basic Machining two-day course (Jan. 25 & Feb. 1)

Saturday, January 25, 2020

D106, George Brown College
160 Kendal Street


This is a two-day course taking place January 25 and February 1, 2020 from 9 a.m. (don’t be late!) to 5 p.m in Room 106, Building D, George Brown College.

The machine shops at George Brown are located in Building D at the corner of Dartnell Avenue and Bridgman Avenue. Parking is available on Bridgman Avenue, MacPherson Avenue and at the corner of Spadina and MacPherson.

The course costs $160 (please pay below). Registration is only complete once payment has been received. No refunds or exchanges. Do not register unless you are sure you can attend.

Recommended attire:

  • short sleeved t-shirt
  • long pants
  • sturdy shoes (CSA-approved workshoes/boots if you have them)
  • No open shoes, sandals or loose clothing of any kind.
  • No jewelry/watches.
  • Long hair must be tied back securely.
  • Bring safety glasses if you have them (particularly if you wear prescription glasses). Non-prescription safety glasses will be provided if needed.



It is beneficial for engineers to have a firm understanding of machining principals and limitations. Students interested in getting involved with campus groups such as Blue Sky Solar Racing or U of T’s Formula Racing Team would greatly benefit from building their machining skills.

U of T Engineering students (including those on PEY), researchers and faculty have access to MIE’s Machine Shop for professional services as well as use of the shop’s equipment and facilities. Courses are offered by the Faculty to provide machining and welding training:

  • Basic Machining: machine shop safety, lathe, mill, drill press.
    Completion of this course required to gain access to the MIE’s Machine Shop facilities in MC78
  • Introduction to Welding: oxy-acetylene, manual arc & gas metal arc welding
  • Advanced Machining: Builds on the concepts introduced in the Basic Machining course. Pre-requisite: Basic Machining
  • Machining III: Builds on the concepts introduced in the Basic Machining course. Pre-requisite: Basic Machining

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This event is fully booked.

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