Become a Capstone Client

University of Toronto Industrial and Mechanical Engineering students are available to work on projects of your choice to improve your business practices. By taking advantage of state-of-the-art technology, you keep up with, or ahead of, your competitors.

This initiative is a win-win undertaking between your organization and the University of Toronto. While you would have the benefit of improving your business practices, our students would have gained valuable real-life experience of applying the scientific methods they learn.

View examples of the innovative solutions to real-world problems created by fourth-year MIE students:

Benefits of being a Capstone Client

The projects should be of high value to your organization, typically something you want to do, but do not have the resources or knowledge to do it yourself.

These projects present an opportunity to:

  • Introduce new innovative concepts into your organization (e.g., Use of Tabu Search Optimization to reduce production time, use of Simulation to identify operational bottlenecks, Green data centers, Lean Manufacturing practices)
  • Attain significant improvements to your organization (e.g., 25% reduction in bottling times, savings of over $1,000,000 per year using a redesigned computer algorithm or equipment)
  • Identify bright, future engineers who will soon enter the workforce (many of the students are subsequently hired by the Client)
  • Access expertise of our faculty members who interact closely with the student teams and are at the forefront of their fields.

Apply to be a Capstone Client

Mechanical Engineering Projects

Industrial Engineering Projects

Deadline: TBA

The projects need to be submitted by the RFP deadline as a Statement of Need in broad general terms, as a basis for a later joint decision in September between you and the students – possibly under the guidance of a Supervising Faculty member.

After a brief review of your Statement of Need to ensure it meets the selection criteria, the projects will be posted on our website for selection by our students and faculty. Acceptance notifications will be issued shortly after you submit your Statement of Need form. We look forward to receiving your project and working together.